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MMA Cadet Alumni Official Newsletter and Registration Gateway

May 15, 2011

Alumni Cadets, Former Faculty Members

or related personnel are asked

to register through our registration page and,

fill out the initial poll.

Please also visit and join us at Facebook

by clicking on the above image.

For all other friends and fans of MMA

the group will soon decide on

wether or not to create a fan page on Facebook

for them. However, for now this is a closed

group and it requires approval to join.


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Keith Elder Class of 72 permalink
    May 15, 2011 3:53 am

    This is going to a great sight!

  2. Willis Baker '71 permalink
    May 16, 2011 5:01 am

    The site looks good so far. When you go live Monday, I will send out an email to the Corps of Cadets and direct them to this site and the FB Page. There are about 245 cadets on FB. I am friends with 139. I sent out nearly 80 friend requests in the last two days. Hopefully we can get the entire Corps of Cadets on here. Keep up the good work.

  3. Lazaro Balseiro permalink
    June 19, 2011 8:57 pm

    Hello Happy Fathers Day !!!

  4. Lawrence Bulger permalink
    February 22, 2012 4:50 pm

    Lawrence Bulger ’66 – Great site!…

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